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SGC Solutions

  • Mission

    ㆍInnovative Technology DevelopmentBased on our more than 50 years of expertise in glass materials, we constantly research technologies
    that can be applied to various fields by means of creative innovations.
    ㆍSustainable Management ActivitiesTo facilitate sustainable lives, we prioritize environmental preservation and human health, utilize
    resources, develop products, and promote various social contribution activities
    ㆍDelivery of Differentiated ServicesWe provide differentiated and customized services that bring happiness and satisfaction to customers by
    identifying consumer needs for their affluence and also corporate growth.
  • Vision

    Global Innovation Company Enriching Both the Environment and Humanity
    SGC Solutions strives to become a global company recognized by people around the world.
    provide innovative solutions that enrich businesses, consumers, and the environment based on our
    products that prioritize the best technologies, environments, and differentiated services.

  • Mission and Vision
    • Customer First
    • Customer First

      Bring about customer happiness by realizing customer value first.
    • Global Quality
    • Global Quality

      Providing world-class quality products and services which conform with global/international standards.
    • Communication & Cooperation
    • Communication & Cooperation

      Create a first grade corporate culture of communication, respect and cooperation.
    • Social Responsibility
    • Social Responsibility

      We strive to carry out social contribution activities and fulfill our economic, legal, and ethical responsibilities.
    • Global Talent
    • Global Talent

      Embracing diverse cultures and nurturing talented people who can display their capabilities on the global stage.

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