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  • Lee, Do Haeng, the CEO of Samkwang Glass Co., Ltd.
  • We value change and innovation, fulfill our social responsibilities and strive to become a global company.

    We thank you for your visiting our website.
    SGC Solutions was founded in 1967 and for more than 50 years has been a professional glass manufacturing company. In 2020, it changed its company name to SGC Solutions and is making constant efforts to become a global innovation company for the enrichment of the environment and of humanity.

    In 2005, we have launched eco-friendly glass airtight container, which became a global luxury brand, and now export the brand in 90 countries. Based on this success, we have advanced into total kitchenware appliances business and leap at a company representing Korea in the relevant industry.

    To recognize and seize new business opportunities, we strive for changes, creation and innovation on the basis of the accumulated glass making technology and experiences, we grow into a leader in the domestic package market, and all employees of company armed with global mind lay groundwork to become a global company. In addition, we develop products with focus on the health of our customers, and operate official community, blog an SNS and other channels to listen to and reflect the valuable feedback of consumers in an effort to construct new communication channel with consumers.
    Further, we continue our social activities such as "One Green Step" campaign reflecting the environmentally friendly brand identity, contributing to making a clean and healthy society together with the underprivileged.

    With focus on the harmonious co-existence between humans and nature, we will achieve sustainable growth and become a company trusted by consumers, shareholders and investors, and also strive to become a company contributing much to the development of country and fulfilling our social responsibilities.

    We thank you for your supporting and encouraging us to make us what we are today, and promise to double our efforts to repay your support and encouragement.

    I hope our website would help you access useful and beneficial information.

    Thank you.

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