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    • OCI Co., Ltd.

    • OCI Co., Ltd.
    • OCI Co.,Ltd produces 30 chemical products in the inorganic chemical, fine chemical, petroleum, coal chemical industry(e.g. hydrogen peroxide, sodium carbonate, soda ash, fumed silica, carbon black, pitch, TDI polysilicon and so on)
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    • Unid

    • Unid
    • Founded with the aim to localize the potassium-based chemicals that relied on imports in the 1980s, Unid is the history of Korea's potassium-based chemicals.
      It strived for the mass-production of potassium products used in a variety of industries (e.g. semiconductor, medicine and foods industry) and the development of reagent grade raw materials for semiconductors.
      It exports more than 70% of its potassium products all over the world.
      Having constructed and expanded production lines at its subsidiary company in China in late 2003, it is enhancing the competitiveness of its products in the global market.
      In addition its MDF business started in the early 90s now holds its leading position in the timber and MDF board market.
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