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  • 글라스락
  • Glasslock is the Korea’s representative sealed container brand.

  • Glasslock is as clean as it is transparent and as safe as it is strong.
    After about 4-year R&D, SGC Solutions Co., Ltd has developed Glasslock which is the tempered glass container using a 4-side locking system.
    Since Glasslock is made of 100% natural glass, smell or color does not permeate into it and its use can range from the refrigerator to the microwave oven. Moreover it is environmentally friendly in that it is safe against environmental hormones.
    Since its launch in Dec 2005, it has been the most loved brand both at home and abroad.


  • 글라스락
  • TEMPERMAX is a trademark that represents a distinctive glass tempering technique of SGC Solutions Co., Ltd.
    TEMPERMAX technology has been applied to well-made Glasslock which has outstanding toughness and ability to endure extreme thermal resistance unlike imitations.


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