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  • Brilliance every day, BOENA

    You want to use special tableware items on special shining days, such as wedding,
    birthdays, graduation, school admission of your loved ones,
    when you want to gather together and make special memories.

    On a special day, the food and mood are also special.

    Instead of excessive patterns, layered light and ordinary white,

    choose BOENA for wholly new mood with the transparency of glass and beauty of transmitted light.
    The memories from special days last long with its sturdiness that do not break easily.

    BOENA, the glassware that makes special days even more special and never forgotten.
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  • The brand name of “BOENA”
    is a combination of ‘bonheur’ (happiness in French) and
    ‘Buena suerte’ (happiness in Spanish) to mean the ‘table &glassware’ brand that gives happiness and luck to loved ones.

    “BOENA” BI design
    In around 3000 BC, about
    5000 years ago, a Phoenician merchant in Mesopotamia was inspired
    by glittering glass beads, discovered the mouth of a river at the coast of the Mediterranean.
    The dazzling sand of the river like silver powder, with impurities cleansed away in tide,
    melt together with natural soda, the trading item of the merchant, to make clear glass beads.

    BOENA recreates that moment of attaining precious gem with natural materials,instead of artificial luxury.
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      • Of nature

        With the belief that everything on table shall come from and return to nature,
        BOENA uses “glass” that comes from and returns to nature without artificial substance,
        such as glaze or chemicals, for nature and health.

      • Of absolute beauty

        BOENA maximizes beauty with only two things: clearness of glass itself
        and light that transmits that glass.

        It is the simplest and purest beauty.

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      • Harmonious

        On a special day, BOENA is perfectly harmonious with the original color of the food
        for the dishes, light, and mood to go together on such a day.
        BOENA is harmonious with other materials, such as wood, fabric, as well as other tableware.

      • Of semi-permanence

        We value the rights of consumers who expect to use their carefully selected products for their lifetime.
        We apply the strength and sturdiness that do not easily break with our craftmanship
        and original technologies accumulated since 1967.

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    • 셰프토프 이미지
      • Convenient

        Conducive to a variety of kitchenware, including freezer, refrigerator, microwave, and dishwasher,
        as BOENA is strong against temperature change and external shock.

      • Quality power assured by Glasslock

        Our product quality is assured by the know-hows and technologies of Glasslock that has innovated the food culture of Korea

    • 셰프토프 이미지

    • Obviously, “BOENA De Monet” is inspired by Monet.

      (“De Monet” means “from Monet” in French.)

    • “BOENA De Monet” is inspired by Water Lilies that depicts the change in light in every hour, every minute, and every second.
      Pleats is applied to maximize light colors under various lights.

      “BOENA de Monet, the clear glassware that shines under light”

      BOENA De Monet

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